Week Two Updates

After spending last week learning more about exonerations and the general injustices of the system, we’re ready to begin working on the database of exonerations. Today we are beginning to analyze, research, and enter information about exoneration cases prior to 1989 into the database that the Center started. 

I’ve currently been researching a case from the 1930’s dealing with a murder charge against an innocent man. After spending over 10 years in prison, evidence of prosecution misconduct was discovered and he was exonerated. By the time this man was released from prison, he had missed over a decade of memories and time with loved ones. Another case involved a man sentenced to death after the shooting of a delivery man. He was later exonerated after the prosecution’s main witness admitted to lying. Hearing cases like these makes me want to help prevent such tragedies from occurring. 

Throughout the next few weeks, we will continue researching cases like these. The database will hopefully bring attention to the thousands of exonerations from before and after 1989. 


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