First day at CWC

Today was my first day at the Center on Wrongful Convictions. After finding my way around the L subway system, I finally made it to the beautiful campus. I joined the other twenty interns in a conference room where we spoke about the book we read, “Simeon’s Story”. The book discussed the kidnapping and murder of Simeon’s cousin, Emmett Till.

The intern director showed us a documentary about Emmett Till. It was a great way to start off the internship because it really got me interested in how flawed the legal system can be. Moreover, we discussed how racial injustices play such a large role in the inequality seen in the justice system. After the documentary, Simeon came to speak with us. We were able to hear his first-hand account of the kidnapping, funeral, and trial. It was heart-wrenching, but made me want to help others in the future to avoid this history from ever happening again. We were then able to ask questions and learned much more about Simeon’s overall views of injustices in the legal system.

Later in the day we had an unexpected visit from a man who was recently exonerated. He was wrongly convicted of a rape and murder when he was only 17-years old. It was shocking to hear his account of the story as well as hearing about his problems with re-entry. We then watched the 60-minutes coverage of his case after the exoneration.

I really enjoyed my first day and hearing these stories gave me a passion to continue fighting against these injustices.


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